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John D. Dadosky

Working Title: Lonergan's Categories of Consciousness as Illustrated in Eliade's Notion of the Sacred

John D. Dadosky, Ph.D.
Regis College/University of Toronto

The scope of this thesis will include historic and hermeneutic components. Historically, it will take into account Lonerganís relationship with Eliade, specifically in terms of the latterís influence on the former. It will operate within the context of Lonerganís encounter with Eliade that began in 1954 and effected changes to the Insight manuscript.

Secondly, the thesis is an experiment in applied hermeneutics. That is, it argues that Lonerganís categories of consciousness offer an adequate critical ground for understanding Eliadeís notion of the sacred. The principal texts of Eliadeís that I will be using will be the ones that principally influenced Lonergan, i.e., Patterns in Comparative Religion, Images and Symbols, Myth of the Eternal Return, and Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy.

Partial Working Outline
I.) Introduction

II.) Lonerganís Categories of Consciousness
2.1) A Sketch of Lonerganís Cognitional Theory
2.1) Patterns of Experience
2.2) Differentiations of Consciousness
2.3) Transformations of Consciousness--Conversion
2.4) The Categories of Consciousness and Interpretation

III.) An Experiment in Interpretation: A "Lonergan" Reading of Eliade.
2.1) Four basic Themes in Eliadeís Work
a.) Introduction
b.) Influence of Texts on Lonerganís Work.
2.2) Explication and Application
a.) The Experience of the Sacred
i.) Eliadeís Notion of the Sacred
ii.) Application of Lonerganís Categories.
b.) Intelligible Hierophanies
i.) Eliadeís Notion of Hierophany
ii.) Application of Lonerganís Categories
c.) The Reality of the Sacred and the Profane
i.) The Dialectic of the Sacred and the Profane
ii.) Application of Lonerganís Categories
d.) The Value of Living in the Sacred: Homo Religiosus
i.) Eliadeís Notion of Homo Religiosus.
ii.) Application of Lonerganís Categories.

IV.) Conclusion

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