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Lonergan's Works of the 1950's

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Note: Bracketed items { } are works which have not been published commercially. However, copies of these works are frequently available at Lonergan Centres , especially the Lonergan Research Institute (LRI), Toronto. Also, many of the early articles by Lonergan are being published by the University of Toronto Press as part of the Collected Works series.

  1. Review: Being and Some Philosophers, by Etienne Gilson in Theological Studies 11 (1950), pp.122-125.

  2. {De Scientia atque voluntate Dei. Supplementum schematicum. College of Christ the King (now Regis College at the Toronto School of Theology), Toronto, March 23, 1950. 48pp.}

  3. "A New Dogma" in The Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart 61 (1951), pp.11-15.

  4. Review: Ueber Schicksal und Vorsehung by Eduard Stakemeier in Theological Studies 12 (1951), pp.259-60.

  5. Review: Sciences Ecclesiastiques vol.III in Theological Studies 12 (1951), pp.292-93.

  6. "Le Role de l'Universite catholique dans le monde moderne" in Relations 11 (October, 1951) pp.263-65. (Cf. Erratum, ibid (November), p.320.) [reprinted as "The Role of a Catholic University in the Modern World" in Crowe, Fred ed. Collection: Papers by Bernard Lonergan (New York: Herder and Herder, 1967) pp. 114-120.]

  7. {The Mystical Body of Christ Conference, College of Christ the King, Toronto, November, 1951. / Regis College, Toronto, May, 1960. 5pp.}

  8. "Humble Acknowledgement of the Church's Teaching Authority" in The Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart 62 (1952), pp.5-9.

  9. {Analysis Fidei College of Christ the King, Toronto, March 8, 1952. 19pp.}

  10. Review: Theologie du Verbe: Saint Augustin et Saint Thomas by H. Paissac in Theological Studies 13 (1952), pp.121-125.

  11. Review: De Deo Creationis finem exsequente by E. Iglesias in Theological Studies 13 (1952), pp.439-41.

  12. {De Conscientia Christi College of Christ the King, Toronto, fall term, 1952. 8pp.}

  13. {De ratione convenientiae eiusque radice, de excellentia ordinis, de signis rationis systematice et universaliter ordinatis, denique de convenientia, et fine incarnationis. Supplementum schematicum. With Appendix: Aliqua solutio possibilis. St. Francis Xavier College (Gesu) Rome, (1953-54) 14pp.}

  14. "Theology and Understanding" in Gregorianum 35 (1954), pp. 630-48. [reprinted in Crowe, Fred ed. Collection: Papers by Bernard Lonergan (New York: Herder and Herder, 1967) pp. 121-141.]

  15. {De Sanctissima Trinitate: Supplementum quoddam Gregorian University, Rome. March 7, 1955. 50pp. (This collection consists of three essays, the first two of which are reprinted in Dininarum personarum conceptio analogica (see item #25 on this page)}

  16. Review: Les Dimensions de l'etre et du temps by J. Chaix-Ruy in Gregorianum 36 (1955) pp.137-38.

  17. "Isomorphism of Thomist and Scientific Thought" in Sapientia Aquinatis Communicationes IV Congressus Thomistici Internationalis, Rome, 1955. pp.119-27. [reprinted in Crowe, Fred ed. Collection: Papers by Bernard Lonergan (New York: Herder and Herder, 1967) pp.142-51.]

  18. Review: Theologie Trinitaire chez Saint Thomas d'Aquin by P. Vanier in Gregorianum 36 (1955). pp.703-05.

  19. Review: El Yo de Jesucristo by B. Xiberta in Gregorianum 36 (1955) pp.705-06.

  20. {De Constitutione Christi ontologica et psychologica Gregorian University: Rome, 1956. 150pp. (published in second, third and fourth editions: 1958, 1961, 1964.)}

  21. Review: The Indwelling of the Trinity by F.L.B. Cunningham in Gregorianum 37 (1956), pp.664-65.

  22. Review: Die Lehre von Gott Bd. 2: Von der Goettlichen Trinitaet by J. Brinktrine in Gregorianum 37 (1956), p.665.

  23. Review: In octo libros de Physico Auditu sive Physicorum Aristotelis Commentaria ed. by Fr. A.M. Pirotta O.P. (Napoli: M. D'Auria, 1953), In Aristotelis Libros Peri Hermeneias et Posteriorum Analyticorum Expositio ed. by Fr. R.M. Spiazzi O.P. (Torino: Marietti, 1955) and In Librum de Causis Expositio ed. by Fr. C. Pera O.P. (Torino: Marietti, 1955) in Gregorianum 37 (1956), p.691.

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  24. Insight: A Study of Human Understanding (London: Longmans, Green and Co. and New York: Philosophical Library, 1957)[second (revised with pagination unchanged) edition for students, London, 1958. third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh printings (unchanged): 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967]

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  25. {Divinarum Personarum conceptio analogica (Rome: Gregorian University, 1957) 302pp. [second edition: 1959 unchanged except minor corrections on pp. 91, 297]}

  26. {Mathematical Logic and Notes on Existentialism: Notes for lectures at Summer School, Boston College, July, 1957. Thomas More Institute: Montreal. 50 pp.}

  27. "Philosophic Difference and Personal Difference" in The New Scholasticism 32 (1958), p.97 [synopsis of a paper intended for but never given at the meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association.]

  28. "Insight: Preface to a Discussion" in Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 32 (1958), pp. 71-81.

  29. {"The Redemption" (Lecture at the Thomas More Institute for Adult Education. Sept. 25, 1958: text from tape recording) Montreal: Thomas More Institute, 14pp.}

  30. Review: Tractatus de Verbo Incarnato: I (Introductio et Christologia) and II (Soteriologia) by B. Xiberta O. Carm. (Matriti: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, 1954) and Enchiridion de Verbo Incarnato. Fontes quos ad studia theologica collegit (Matriti: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, 1957), pp. 155-56.

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  33. "Christ as Subject: A Reply" in Gregorianum 40 (1959), pp. 242-70.

  34. Review: The Enneads by Plotinus, translated by Stephen McKenna, revised by B.S. Page in Gregorianum 40 (1959), pp.389-90.

  35. {De intellectu et methodo (Reportatio of a course given at Gregorian University, 1959) St. Francis College, Rome. 72pp.}

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