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Lonergan's Works of the 1960's

33 Citations:

Note: Bracketed { } items are works which have not generally been commercially published. However, they are available at Lonergan Centers around the world, such as Toronto's Lonergan Research Institute (LRI). Many of these particular articles / long reviews are also being published in the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan by the University of Toronto Press.

  1. Review: The Order and Integration of Knowledge and Metaphysics and Ideology by William O. Martin in Gregorianum 41 (1960), pp.171-73.

  2. De Verbo Incarnato (dicta scriptis auxit) Gregorian University: Rome, 1960. 750 pp. [ad usum auditorum] [second edition: 1961, text unchanged]

  3. "Openness and Religious Experience" in Il Problema dell'esperienza religiosa (Atti del XV Convegno del Centro di Studi Filosofici tra Professori Universitati, Gallarate, 1960), Brescia, 1961. pp.460-462.

  4. {Notes from the Introductory Lecture in the Philosophy of History (text from tape recording). (Thomas More Institute, Montreal. Sept. 23, 1960. 14pp.)}

  5. Intelligenza. Studio sulla comprensione dell'esperienza Alba, 1961. 826 pp. (Italian translation of Insight)

  6. De Deo Trino: Pars Analytica Gregorian University: Rome, 1961. 326 pp. (Ad Usum auditorum).

  7. {The Origins of Christian realism (Lecture at Regis College, Toronto, Sept. 8, 1961; text from tape recording). Regis College: Toronto. 8pp.}

  8. {De Methodo Theologiae (Notes for Lectures at the Gregorian University, 1962). North American College, Rome. 60 pp.}

  9. {De Argumento theologico ex sacra Scriptura (Notes for a Lecture to Professors of the Gregorian University and the Biblical Institute) Gregorian University: Rome, 1962.}

  10. {Hermeneutics (Notes for lectures during Theology Institute. Regis College, Toronto, July 20, 1962) Regis College: Toronto, 16pp.}

  11. Consciousness and the Trinity (Lecture at North American College, Rome, 1963) North American College, Rome.

  12. "Metaphysics as Horizon" in Gregorianum 44 (1963), pp. 307-18. (on E. Coreth's Metaphysik) [reprinted in The Current (Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Club) 5 (1964), pp. 6-23 and in Crowe, Fred ed. Collection: Papers by Bernard Lonergan (New York: Herder and Herder, 1967). pp.202-20.]

  13. Review: Die Gewinnung Theologischer Normen aus der Geschichte der Religion bei E. Troeltsch by Ignacio Escribano Alberca in Gregorianum 44 (1963), pp.369-70.

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  18. "La Notion de verbe dans les ecrits de saint Thomas d'Aquin" in Archives de Philosophie 26 (1963), pp.163-203 and 570-620 [translation of "The Concept of Verbum in the Writings of St. Thomas Aquinas" in Theological Studies 7 (1946), pp.349-92; 8 (1947), pp.35-79, 404-444; 10 (1949), pp.3-40, 359-93 with minor revisions.]

  19. De Deo Trino I: Pars dogmatica; II: Pars systematica. Gregorian University: Rome, 1964. 308 pp. and 321 pp. [Pars I is a revision of De Deo Trino: Pars analytica, 1961 and Pars II of Divinarum personarum conceptio analogica, 1957.]

  20. {De notione structurae (Lecture at the Collegium Aloisianum, Gallarate, March 7, 1964; text from tape recording). Aloisianum, Gallarate. 7pp. [available at the LRI]}

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  24. Collection: Papers by Bernard Lonergan, SJ (New York: Herder and Herder, 1967) xxxv & 280pp.
    • "The Form of Inference" pp.1-15
    • "Finality, Love and Marriage" pp.16-53
    • "On God and Secondary Causes" pp.54-67
    • "The Assumption and Theology" pp.68-83
    • "The Natural Desire to See God" pp.84-95
    • "A Note on Geometric Possiblity" pp.96-113
    • "The Role of a Catholic University in the Modern World" pp.104-20
    • "Theology and Understanding" pp.121-41
    • "Isomorphism of Thomist and Scientific Thought" pp.142-51
    • "Insight: Preface to a Discussion" pp.152-68
    • "Christ as Subject: A Reply" pp.164-97
    • "Openness and Religious Experience" pp.198-201
    • "Metaphysics as Horizon" pp.202-220
    • "Cognitional Structure" pp.221-239
    • "Existenz and Aggiornamento" pp.240-251
    • "Dimensions of Meaning" pp.252-267 [Lecture given at Marquette University, Milwaukee, May 12,1965.]

  25. Verbum: Word and Idea in Aquinas ed. by D. Burrell. (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1967 and London: Darton, Longman and Todd, 1968)[reprint of the 1946, 1947 and 1949 articles contained in Theological Studies.]

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