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Collected Works of
Bernard Lonergan

Grace and Freedom Grace and Freedom: Operative Grace in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas

Volume 1

Verbum Verbum : Word and Idea in Aquinas

Volume 2

Insight Insight : A Study of Human Understanding

Volume 3

Collection Collection

Volume 4

Understanding and BeingUnderstanding and Being

Volume 5

Philosophical and Theological PapersPhilosophical and Theological Papers 1958-1964

Volume 6

The Ontological and Psychological Constitution of ChristThe Ontological and Psychological Constitution of Christ

Volume 7

Topics in Education Topics in Education : The Cincinnati Lectures of 1959 on the Philosophy of Education

Volume 10

Macrodynamic EconomicsMacrodynamic Economics: An Essay in Circulation Analysis

Volume 15

Philosophical and Theological Papers:1965-1980

Volume 17

Phenomenology and LogicPhenomenology and Logic : The Boston College Lectures on Mathematical Logic and Existentialism

Volume 18

For a New Political EconomyFor A New Political Economy

Volume 21

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Method in Theology

Second Collection

Third Collection

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