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Primary Sources

Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan

Full Lonergan Studies Bibliography

Secondary Sources

This section lists and introduces books and articles which have been written on or about Bernard Lonergan and his thought. These works are only a small sampling of the many hundreds of books and articles available. For a large (updated to March 2002) listing of secondary sources, we suggest visiting Terry Tekippe's home page.


  1. General Introductions to Bernard Lonergan
  2. Lonergan Appropriated (Thinkers who have appropriated Lonergan)
  3. Lonergan and Christian Theology
  4. Lonergan and Philosophy, History, Epistemology and Metaphysics


  1. Lonergan and Ethics
  2. Lonergan and Economics
  3. Lonergan and Psychology plus Education
  4. Lonergan and Hermeneutics plus Miscellaneous

The Lonergan Web Site has developed a system of appraising the books and articles listed. The appraisal is a rating of how accessible the listed work presents itself as follows:

  • "L" = Beginner level
  • "LL" = Intermediate level
  • "LLL" = Advanced level

Note: Please remember that these ratings are only general indicators. They are not intended to serve as a substitute for detailed analysis and review.

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