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Bruce Anderson & Philip McShane,
Beyond Establishment Economics: No Thank-you Mankiw

(Halifax, N.S.: Axial Press, 2002)

Readn Chapter One online
(102K) Available in PDF format

You may purchase this book directly by contacting Axial Press:

by e-mail, Bruce Anderson

by telephone, 902-449-6104

Cost: US$30 OR $CAD45 + tax

The following is a description of the book followed by its Table of Contents:

This is a critical attack on Gregory Mankiw's acclaimed first year economics text, Principles of Macroeconomics. The authors take Mankiw to task both for datedness of methodology and for triviality of content. Mankiw's book, of course, is representative fo the present culture of irrelevant economic education.
The remedy to this, spelled out in Beyond Establishment Economics, lies in a fresh understanding of the rhythms of production. That realistic understanding shifts the focus of interest away from establishment illusions regarding finance and stock-trding, and highlights the centrality of local creativities and intelligent credit structures.

The ten chapters are titled as follows:

1. Mapping Out the Reading
2. Towards Lonergan's Key Diagram
3. Thinking Like an Economist
4. The Shocking Candour of Economics Professors
5. Mankiw's Principles of Economics
6. Snap-Shot Economics versus Real Analysis
7. Credit & Concomitance versus Savings & Shifting Interest Rates
8. Centralist Controls
9. Gains from Trade?
10. Monetary, Fiscal and Other Policies
Appendix: Trade Turnover and the Quantity Theory of Money

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