Lonergan Workshop Volume One

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume I (Chico, CA.: Scholars Press, 1978).

From the Editor's note: "The essays collected in this inaugural volume of Lonergan Workshop were contributions for the third meeting of the Workshop held in June, 1976 at Boston College." (Fred Lawrence, p.v: October, 1977)

Frederick E. Crowe,
Dialectic and the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, pp.1-26

Philip McShane,
The Psychological Present of the Academic Community, pp.27-68

Joseph Flanagan,
Transcendental Dialectic of Desire and Fear, pp. 69-92

Robert M. Doran,
The Theologian's Psyche: Notes Toward a Reconstruction of Depth Psychology, pp. 93-142

Bernard J. Tyrell,
On the Possibility and Desirability of a Christian Psychotherapy, pp. 143-186

Sebastian Moore,
Christian Self-Discovery, pp. 187-222

Frederick Lawrence,
Political Theology and the "Longer Cycle of Decline", pp. 223-256

Mathew L. Lamb,
The Production Process and Exponential Growth: A Study in Socio-Economics and Theology, pp. 257-308

Bernard Lonergan, Religious Knowledge, pp. 309-327

Lawrence, Frederick, ed. Lonergan Workshop: Volume 1 (Chico, C.: Scholars Press, 1978) 14 Apr. 1998. < http://www.lonergan.on.ca /bostonwksp/volume1.htm> (Your access date).