Lonergan Workshop Volume Ten

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume X(Boston College, 1992).

Editorial Note, p. iii
Dedication, p. vii
Preface, p. xi

Patrick H. Byrne,
Teleology, Modern Science and Verification, pp. 1-48

Frederick E. Crowe,
"All my work has been introducing history into Catholic Theology", pp. 49-82

Joseph Flanagan, SJ,
Where the Late Lonergan Meets the Early Heidegger, pp. 83- 118

Mary Ann Glendon,
Knowing Makes a Noisy Entrance: The Struggle for Self-Appropriation in Law, pp. 119-144

Glenn Hughes,
The Drama of Living, and Lonergan's Retrieval of Transcendence, pp. 145-158

Joseph A. Komonchak,
Lonergan's Early Essays on the Redemption of History, pp. 159-178

Matthew L. Lamb,
Historicity and Eternity: Bernard Lonergan's Transpositions and Differentiations, pp. 179-228

Frederick Lawrence,
Lonergan's Foundations for Constitutive Communication, pp. 229- 278

Sebastian Moore, Spirituality and the Primacy of the Dramatic Pattern of Living, pp. 279-296

Philip Rule, SJ,
Coleridge, Newman and Lonergan: Conscience and Imagination in the Argument for God's Existence, pp. 297-318

David W. Tracy,
Bernard Lonergan and the Return of Ancient Practice, pp. 319-332

Pierre Robert,
Interview with Lonergan, pp. 333-

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