Lonergan Workshop Volume Eleven

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume XII (Boston College, 1993).

Dedication, p. iii
Editorial Note, p. vii

Glenn Hughes,
Image, Symbol, Cosmopolis: Art and the Critical Role of Culture, pp.1-20

Paul Kidder,
Still Life and Landscape: The Sacred in Secular Attire, pp. 21-34

Paul Kidder,
Painting as Spiritual: The Philosophical and Pedagogical Tasks, pp. 35-52

Richard Liddy,
What Bernard Lonergan Learned From Suzanne K. Langer, pp. 53-90

Sebastian Moore, OSB,
In Water and in Blood, pp. 91-104

John Ranieri,
Question and Imagination: Eric Voegelin's Approach, pp.105-144

Pierre Robert,
Questions on the Fifth Level and the Processes of the Spiritual Subject, pp. 145-164

Philip C. Rule, SJ,
Another Thing Needful: Reason, Feeling, and Imagination in 19th-Century Literature, pp. 165-178

Hamish Swanston,
'Development' and the Imagining Subject in Method, pp. 179-212

Colleen Keene Webster,
Complacentia boni and the Mission of the Church, pp. 213

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