Lonergan Workshop Volume Twelve

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume XII (Boston College, 1994).

Dedication, p. iii

Editorial Note, p. v

Sr. Prudence Allen, RSM,
Metaphysics of Form, Matter and Gender, pp. 1-26

R. Michael Clark,
Byway of the Cross: The Early Lonergan and Political Order, pp. 27-44

John E. Coons and Patrick Brennan,
The Idea of a Descriptive Equality: Lonergan Explains Jefferson, pp. 45-76

Leon Hooper, S.J.,
John Courtney Murray on Legitimate and Needed Social Plurality, pp. 77-94

Paulette Kidder,
Plurality, Love, Marriage: Debating Justice in the Family, pp. 95-110

Michael McCarthy,
Liberty, History and the Common Good: An Exercise in Critical Retrieval, pp. 111-146

Sebastian Moore, O.S.B.,
Critical and Symbolic Realism: Lonergan and Coleridge , pp. 147-178

Mark D. Morelli,
Affinities of Lonergan and Voegelin , pp. 179-198

Michael P. Morrissey,
Voegelin, Religious Experience and Immortality, pp. 199-226

Brendan Purcell,
Universal Viewpoint and Universal Humanity: Attunement or Discord in the Philosophies of Voegelin and Lonergan?, pp. 227-

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