Lonergan Workshop Volume Fourteen

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume XIV (Boston College, 1998).

This workshop celebrated the lifetime achievements of Sebastian Moore, OSB

Editorial Note, p. iii

Dedication, p. viii

Jean Belair,
The Contribution of the Nurse to the Human Good, pp. 1-58

Michael Paul Gallagher,
Contexts and Horizons of Desire: Sebastian Moore's Contribution to Fundamental Theology, pp. 59-72

Dorothy Judd Hall,
The Meditative Path: "The Monk and the Poet Are One", pp. 73-98

Charles Hefling,
Grace, Christ, Redemption, Lonergan (In That Order), pp. 99-114

Matthew Lamb,
An Analogy for the Divine Self-Gift, pp. 115-154

Kevin McGinley,
Intersubjectivity, Groups, and Common Life, pp. 155-172

Sebastian Moore,
Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, There Is Freedom, pp. 173-196

Elizabeth Murray Morelli,
Ressentiment and Redemption, pp. 197-228

Louis Roy,
Paul Ricoeur's Philosophy of Desire, pp. 229-242

Michael Shute,
Economic Analysis within Redemptive Praxis: An Achievement of Lonergan's Third Decade, pp. 243-264

Carla Mae Streeter,
Theological Categories: The Transposition Needed for Comparative Theology, pp. 265-

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