Lonergan Workshop Volume Two

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume II (Chico, CA.: Scholars Press, 1981).

From the Editor's note: "The second volume of Lonergan Workshop is made up of papers from the days of the summer workshop at Boston College prior to those collected in volume 1. The papers tend to be expressions of periods of transition or consolidation in the scholarly lives of their authors, but are seminal enough to merit publication."(Fred Lawrence, p. v: November, 1979)

Joseph A. Komonchak,
History and Social Theory in Ecclesiology, pp.1-54

Quentin Quesnell,
The Foundations of Heresy, pp. 55-82

David W. Tracy,
Theological Models: An Exercise in Dialectics, pp. 83-108

Joseph Flanagan,
Culture and Morality, pp. 109-146

Robert M. Doran,
Dramatic Artistry in the Third Stage of Meaning, pp. 147-200

Bernard J. Tyrell,
Christotherapy and the Healing/Transformation of Communal Consciousness with Special Reference to the American Consciousness, pp. 201-230

Frederick Lawrence,
"The Modern Philosophic Differentiation of Consciousness" or What is the Enlightenment?, pp. 231-280

Mathew L. Lamb,
Methodology, Metascience and Political Theory, pp. 281-403

Lawrence, Frederick, ed. Lonergan Workshop: Volume 2 (Chico, CA.: Scholars Press, 1981) 14 Apr. 1998. < http://www.lonergan.on.ca /bostonwksp/volume2.htm> (Your access date).