Lonergan Workshop Volume Three

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume III (Chico, CA.: Scholars Press, 1982).

From the Editor's Note: "I am pleased to be able to begin this volume with a major article delivered at the very first Lonergan Workshop by Frederick Crowe...Fr. Lonergan himself has graciously given permission to publish an essay delivered at the 1980 Lonergan Workshop and prepared for the International Association for the History of Religion." (Frederick Lawrence, pp. v-vi).

Frederick E. Crowe, S.J.,
An Exploration of Lonergan's New Notion of Value, pp.1-24

Cathleen Going,
"Persons as Originating Values": A Primer (Reader) from Lonergan's Thought on the Topic of Values, pp. 25-32

Joseph F. Flanagan, S.J.,
The Self-Causing Subject: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Knowing, pp. 33-52

Philip McShane,
An Improbable Christian Vision and the Economic Rhythms of the Second Million Years, pp. 53-82

Sebastian Moore,
The Language of Love, pp. 83-106

Charles Mulligan,
Pastoral Theology. Can There Be an Institutional Format for Praxis?, pp. 107-124

Bernard J. Tyrell,
"Dynamics of Christotherapy" and the Issue of a de Jure Psychotherapeutic Pluralism, pp. 125-148

Michael Vertin,
Philosophy of God, Theology and the Problems of Evil, pp. 149-178

Bernard Lonergan,
A Post-Hegelian Philosophy of Religion, pp. 179-199

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