Lonergan Workshop Volume Four

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume IV (Chico, CA.: Scholars Press, 1983).

Editor's Notes, p.v
List of Contributors, p. viii

Michael Vertin,
Dialectically-Opposed Phenomenologies of Knowing: A Pedagogical Elaboration of Basic Ideal-Types, pp.1-26

Richard J. Cassidy,
The Ethics of Jesus, Christ-Centered Ethics and Lonergan's Method, pp. 27-40

Robert M. Doran, SJ,
Suffering Servanthood and the Scale of Values, pp. 41-68

Arthur L. Kennedy,
A Hope Embodied in Story: Flannery O'Connor's Vision, pp. 69-84

Sebastian Moore,
Original Sin, Sex, Resurrection and the Trinity, pp. 85-98

William Reiser, SJ,
The Primacy of Spiritual Experience in Theological Reflection, pp. 99-114

Philip Boo Riley,
Theology and/or Religious Studies: Bernard Lonergan's Option, pp.115-140

Nancy C. Ring,
Language, Prayer, and the Dynamics of Transformation, pp. 141-166

Bernard J. Tyrrell, SJ,
Christian Imagination and Christian Prayer, pp. 167-185

The Beginning and the Beyond: Papers from the Gadamer and Voegelin Conferences
Supplementary Issue of Lonergan Workshop, Volume 4

From the Editor's Note of the Supplementary Volume: "The series of supplementary volumes, inaugerated by this issue of Lonergan Workshop, grows out of a long-expressed concern of Lonergan Workshop participants to open up the conversation of the Workshop to other streams of thought in theology, philosophy, the empirical sciences, and the world of practical affairs." (Fred Lawrence, p. v: January 31, 1984).

Editor's Note

Hans-Georg Gadamer,
Articulating Transcendence, pp.1-12

Frederick Lawrence,
Language as Horizon?, pp. 13-34

Eric Voegelin,
Consciousness and Order: Forward to 'Anamnesis', pp. 35-41

Eric Voegelin,
The Meditative Origin of the Philosophical Knowledge of Order, pp. 43-51

Frederick Lawrence,
On "The Meditative Origin of the Philosophical Knowledge of Order", pp. 53-67

Robert M. Doran,
Theology's Situation: Questions to Eric Voeglin, pp. 69-91

Patrick H. Byrne,
The Significance of Voeglin's Work for the Philosophy of Science, pp. 93-95

Eric Voegelin,
Responses at the Panel Discussion of "The Beginning of the Beginning", pp. 97-110

Eric Voegelin,
Autobiographical Statement at the Age of Eighty-Two, pp. 111-131

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