Lonergan Workshop Volume Six

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume VI (Chico, CA.: Scholars Press, 1986).

Editor's Notes, p. iii

Patrick Byrne,
The Fabric of Lonergan's Thought, pp. 1-84

Robert M. Doran, S.J.,
From Psychic Conversion to the Dialectic of Community, pp. 85-108

Toby Foshay,
Bernard Lonergan and James Joyce: Literature as De-Conversion, pp. 109-126

Frederick G. Lawrence,
Elements of Basic Communication, pp. 127-142

Philip McShane,
Systematics, Communications, Actual Contexts, pp. 143-174

Hugo Meynell,
A Pseudo-Problem of Communication and Understanding, pp. 175-194

Mark D. Morelli,
Reversing the Counter-Position: The Argumentum ad Hominem in Philosophic Dialogue, pp. 195-230

John Navone, S.J.,
The Promise of Narrative Theology: A Strategy of Communication, pp. 231-238

Bernard Tyrrell, S.J.,
Psychological Conversion, Methods of healing, and Communication, pp. 239-260

Communicating a Dangerous Memory
Soundings in Political Theology

Edited by Fred Lawrence

Supplementary Issue of Lonergan Workshop, Volume 6 (Atlanta, GA.: Scholars Press, 1987)

Editor's Notes, p. iii

Frederick E. Crowe, S.J.,
"The Role of a Catholic University in the Modern World" - An Update, pp. 1-16,

Fred Lawrence,
Dangerous Memory and the Pedagogy of the Oppressed, pp. 17-36,

J.B. Metz,
Communicating a Dangerous Memory, pp. 37-54,

Sebastian Moore,
The Communication of a Dangerous Memory, pp. 55-62

Patrick H. Byrne and Richard Carroll Keeley,
LeCorbusier's Finger and Jacobs's Thought: The Loss and Recovery of the Subject in the City, pp. 63-108

John Boyd Turner,
Lonergan's Practical Political Transformative Understanding: The Example of Development in the Philippine Province of Northern Samar, pp. 109-

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Soundings in Political Theology
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