Lonergan Workshop Volume Seven

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume VII (Atlanta, GA.: Scholars Press, 1988).

Editor's Note, p. iii

Patrick H. Byrne,
Mystery and Modern Mathematics, pp. 1-34

Frederick E. Crowe,
An Expansion of Lonergan's Notion of Value, pp. 35-59

Robert M. Doran, S.J.,
Duality and Dialectic, pp. 59-84

Peter Drilling,
Preaching: A Mutual Self-Mediation of the Word of God, a Preacher, and a Congregation, pp. 85-104

Charles C. Hefling, Jr.,
The Meaning of God Incarnate according to Fredrich Schleiermacher; or, Whether Lonergan is Appropriately Regarded as 'A Schleiermacher for Our Time,' and Why Not, pp. 105-178

Glenn Hughes and Sebastian Moore,
Hamlet and the Affective Roots of Decision, pp. 179-202

Thomas J. McPartland,
Meaning, Mystery and the History of Consciousness, pp. 203-268

Kenneth R. Melchin,
History, Ethics, and Emergent Probability, pp.269-294

Quentin Quesnell,
Pinning Down the Meaning, pp. 295-312

Terry J. Tekippe,
The Crisis of the Human Good, pp.313-330

Bernard J. Tyrrell, S.J.,
Feelings as Apprehensive-Intentional Responses to Values, pp. 331-

Ethics in Making a Living:
The Jane Jacobs Conference

edited by Fred Lawrence

Supplementary Issue of Lonergan Workshop, Volume 7 (Atlanta, GA.: Scholars Press, 1989)

From the Editor's introduction: "Our Spring Lonergan Workshop devoted to the work of Jane Jacobs took place on April 10 and 11th, 1987, and was entitled, "Values and Ethics in Making a Living." The work of Jane Jacobs is of interest to anyone concerned with the analysis of the real causes of urban decline, industrial stagnation, and falling living standards...Lonergan's avid reading of Jane Jacobs's books occurred in conjunction with a life-long interest and labor for which he is hardly known, namely, on the foundations of economics." (Fred Lawrence, p. iii)

Editor's Introduction, p. iii

Richard Carroll Keeley and Jane Jacobs,
An Interview with Jane Jacobs, pp. 1-28

Richard Carroll Keeley,
Some Paths ThroughJane Jacobs' Thought, pp. 29-38

Richard Carroll Keeley,
The Vision of Jane Jacobs: An Overview and an Interpretation, pp. 39-98

Anthony Cichello,
In Defense of Jane Jacobs: An Appreciative Overview, pp. 99-168

Patrick H. Byrne,
Jane Jacobs and the Common Good, pp. 169-190

Fred Lawrence,
Systems of Economic Ethics: A Response, pp. 191-202

Patrick H. Byrne,
Some Further Reflections and Comments: A Letter, pp. 203-210

Jane Jacobs,
Systems of Economics, Part One, pp. 211-250

Jane Jacobs,
Systems of Economics, Part Two, pp. 251-286

Glenn Hughes and Jane Jacobs,
Exchange of Letters: Hughes and Jacobs, pp. 287-292

Jane Jacobs,
Cleveland and the Wealth of the Nation, pp. 293-

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