Lonergan Workshop Volume Eight

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume VIII (Atlanta, GA.: Scholars Press, 1990).

Editor's Note, p. iii

Patrick H. Byrne,
Insight and the Retrieval of Nature, pp. 1-59

Frederick E. Crowe, S.J.,
Insight : Genesis and Ongoing Context, pp. 61-83

Joseph Flanagan, S.J.,
Insight: Chapters 1-5, pp. 85-108

Glenn Hughes and Sebastian Moore, O.S.B.,
The Affirmation of Order: Therapy for Modernity in Bernard Lonergan's Analysis of Judgment, pp. 109-134

Kenneth R. Melchin,
Ethics in Insight, pp. 135-148

Hugo Meynell,
How Right Plato Was, pp. 149-164

Sebastian Moore, O.S.B.,
The Forming and Transforming of Ego: An Explanatory Psychology of Soteriology, pp. 165-190

Hamish Swanston,
On First Reading Insight, pp. 191-212

Michael Vertin,
Lonergan's "Three Basic Questions" and a Philosophy of Philosophies, pp. 213-248

Michael Vertin,
Knowing, Objectivity, and Reality: Insight and Beyond, pp. 249-264

Quentin Quesnell,
What Kind of Proof is Insight 19 ?, pp. 265-

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