Lonergan Workshop Volume Nine

Reference: Lawrence, Fred, ed. Lonergan Workshop Volume IX (Boston College, 1991).

Editorial Note, p. iii
Errata, p. v

Tad Dunne,
Imaginal Theologies of History, pp.1-24

Ann Johnston, R.S.C.J.,
Spirit and Mission of the "Faithful Remnant": A Study of Community in the Isaiah Scroll, pp.25-42

William Mathews, S.J.,
Lonergan's Apprenticeship 1904-46: The Education of Desire, pp.43-88

Philip McShane,
Mission and Spirit: Questions of Probability and Providence, pp.89-98

James R. Pambrun,
Lonergan and Ricoeur: Emerging Complementary Philosophical Approaches for Theological Views of Science, pp. 99-144

Eduardo Perez Valera, S.J.,
The Structure of Christian Prayer and its Integration with the Sciences, pp.145-194

Nancy Ring,
Intentionality Analysis, the Church and Women's Spirituality, pp. 195-208

Louis Roy,
Grace, Mediation and Liturgical Orientations, pp. 209- 224

Walter L. Isaac, S.J.,
Doing Theology in the Philippine Context, pp. 225-

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