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Book Review Policy

The Lonergan Web Site is requesting reviews from those who have some familiarity with Lonergan's work. Our policy is based on a judgment of the sufficient expertise that is necessary to undertake a knowledgable, wide-ranging and insightful review.

We receive books from several book publishers as new books come onto the market in the area of Lonergan studies. We define "Lonergan studies" as an interdisciplinary term that designates any work in a variety of scientific and humanities disciplines that seeks to incorporate the groundbreaking work of Bernard Lonergan in philosophy, theology, education, cognitive psychology, economics, ethics, politics and the social sciences.

Reviews for the site should be between 700 and 1500 words long, divided roughly into two sections: firstly, a description of the book, its purpose and method. Secondly, we encourage the reviewer to make an assessment of the worth of the book with a general yet knowledgable audience in mind. See What is a LWS Book Review? for more information.

Reviewers of books for the LWS normally receive the book from us, or the publisher directly if that is able to be pre-arranged.

The only stipulation that we request is for a deadline (that is mutually agreed upon) by which the review is to be received. Reviews can be received electronically as an attachment or by mail.

Comments? Send us a message: Paul Allen