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The Glossary Project
edited by Carla Streeter

Download the Adobe pdf file of the most recent version of the Glossary Project

Download the pdf Glossary file

In order to use this file, you have two options:

A) You can download the file to your hard drive and access the file from your own computer.

  • To download the file to your hard drive, right click on the pdf icon above, chose "Save Link (or Target) As..." and save the file to your specific folder.
  • Or, you can save the file using the "Save" function in the Abode Acrobat Reader program after you have left clicked the pdf icon above.

B) Left click on the pdf icon above to access the file directly from our server.

We suggest option A), that you first download the file to your hard drive. This will make searching the file much faster. Plus, you can access the glossary off-line.

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