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The Lonergan Web Site proudly presents the following interviews.

Michael Vertin
The Fred Crowe Video Interview

The Sean McEvenue Interview

The Cynthia Crysdale Interview
The James Pambrun Interview

Elizabeth Morelli Interview

Philip McShane

Hefling Interview

Flanagan Interview

Melchin Interview

From time to time the LWS conducts interviews with Lonergan scholars. The process of publishing these interviews is laborious. First, the interviewer must agree to the interview. Then the interview is arranged and organized by the interviewers. The interviewers then decide upon the set of questions. Sometimes this requires additional research, and we are trying new ways of incorporating questions from Lonergan readers from around the world. The interview is audio taped and later transcribed. The transcription takes up to 10 hours. A first draft of the interview is printed. Further edits are required to smooth out the reading of the interview for viewing on the Web. Sometimes, the final edit is sent to the interviewee for approval before it is published on the LWS. So, on average, 40 hours of work are required for every hour of interviewing. We hope you enjoy these interviews!

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