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We sat down with Dr. James Pambrun, Professor at the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University (Université Saint-Paul) in Ottawa, Canada on July 17, 1998. The interview transcribed below lasted approximately an hour. Discussion ranged from some specifics of Lonergan's contribution to its' impact on Dr. Pambrun's own work. James Pambrun has published articles addressing issues in the science-religion dialogue and on Lonergan's thought, including the following:

  • "La radicalisation de la question de la création et de l'eschatologie: un dialogue avec Jean Ladrière", Carnet no. 51 (1998) in the series Les Carnets du Centre de Philosophie du Droit, Université Catholique de Louvain;
  • "Evil and Hope in Dialogue with Cosmology" in Catholic Theological Society of America Proceedings 50 (1995), pp.120-37;
  • "Lonergan and Ricoeur: Emerging Complementarity. Philosophical Approaches for Theological Views of Science" in Lonergan Workshop 9 (1993), pp. 99-144;
  • "Ricoeur, Lonergan and the Intelligibility of Cosmic Time" in The Thomist 54, n.3 (1990), pp. 471-498;
  • "Philosophical Foundations of Theological Attitudes toward Science: A Diagnostic of Basic Orientations" in Église et Theologie 18 (1987), pp. 29-53.
  • "The Presence of God: A Note on the Apologetics of Henri de Lubac and Teilhard de Chardin" in Église et Théologie 10 (1979), pp. 343-68.

If you would like to view Professor Pambrun's interview, please contact Paul Allen at:

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