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Lonergan Discussion Group

An interactive discussion list to link scholars and students of the work of the Canadian philosopher and theologian Bernard F.J. Lonergan, S.J. Interest in the work of Bernard Lonergan is growing. Among Lonergan scholars there has been interest in creating a forum to promote interest in and study of Lonergan's work.

The Philosophy Department of St. Mary's University (San Antonio) with the support of the Lonergan Philosophical Society and The Los Angeles Lonergan Center at Loyola Marymount University has created Lonergan-L, an interactive discussion group and listserv.
The purpose of Lonergan-L is to provide a place where scholars and serious students can ask questions about Lonergan's work, and announce conferences, workshops, courses or calls for papers of interest to those investigating any aspect of Lonergan's work or critical realism.

Lonergan-L is a non-moderated listserv. This means that postings to the list are not monitored for appropriateness before being sent to members of the list. The monitor will not control discussion or lead it. The activity of the list will depend on participants themselves.
To subscribe to the mailing list, people now need to go to the following page and follow the instructions there:

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