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New to Lonergan?

Bernard Lonergan

Oftentimes encountering Lonergan for the first time can seem like a mixed blessing; there's the joy of discovering a thinker with great potential for one's own work and there's some trepidation in grasping what Lonergan is all about. To help resolve with this tension somewhat, we've put together a few links for those new to Lonergan Studies.

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Click here to read chapter oneA good starting point is to read the first chapter of Kenneth Melchin's book Living with Other People. Click on the book cover to download the pdf file of this chapter.
Melchin lays out some of Lonergan's key insights by working with a thought experiment (imagine that you are lying on a beach!) to identify the basic structure of knowing and doing, facts - values, and horizons of meaning.

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Bernard Lonergan in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy by Tad Dunne

On Lonergan's Transcendental Method by Jeffrey Grace

Lonergan's Method in Ethics by Tad Dunne

On Lonergan's Economics by Bruce Anderson

Lonergan the Person

Matthew Ogilvie, Who Was Bernard Lonergan?

Introduction to the Lonergan ReaderThe Lonergan Reader

Special Issue of the Journal Compass dedicated to Lonergan

Who was Bernard Lonergan? by Fred Crowe

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Lonergan Studies Newsletter On-Line

Full Lonergan Studies Bibilography

Further Reading

Buy your own copy of Quest for Self-Understanding
Buy your own copy of the Commentary
These are two excellent companions to Lonergan's work. Quest for Self-Understanding covers Lonergan's Insight: A Study of Human Understanding and is particularly good for the first five chapters of Insight.

A Commentary on Lonergan's Method in Theology is a paragraph-by-paragraph study of Lonergan's other classic work.

And for a general introduction to Lonergan's work a must have is

Desires of the Human Heart
Desires of the Human Heart
Edited by Vernon Gregson
Second Edition by the LWS

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Lonergan is considered by many intellectuals to be the finest philosophic thinker of the twentieth century-Time Magazine

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Thanks to Novalis for access to Melchin's book