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Compass: A Jesuit Journal
March, 1985
A Lonergan Web Site Republication

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This March 1985 edition of the Compass journal is in honour of Bernard Lonergan. It includes contributions from 22 people, who in a variety of manners, write about the influence of Lonergan’s life and work. The tribute was originally meant to honour Lonergan on the occasion of his 80th birthday. However, his death on November 26, 1984 precipitated the journal becoming a memorial.

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The inestimable scope of Lonergan’s work and the immense richness of his person is well represented in five themes which encompass the authors’ contributions: I) The Lonergan Family; II) Personal Tributes; III) Institutional Impact; IV) “aiming . . . high and far”; and V) Envoi.

The idea for the republication emerged from the recognition of the benefit of this seeming modest publication. The benefit is at two levels. There is the initial benefit of measuring the distance between the year Lonergan died (1984) and 2001 - the 17th anniversary of his death and the 97th anniversary of his birth. While Lonergan’s influence continues to grow, institutions associated with Lonergan’s name undergo constant mutation; a change measured more exactingly as time marches on. The second benefit is more personal. There are many who have not had the opportunity to read this valuable tribute and who would be grateful (as we are) for the opportunity.

The Lonergan Web Site thanks the Special Issue Editors, Frederick E. Crowe, S.J. and Robert M. Doran, S.J. for their kind permission to republish the Compass journal and Fred Crowe’s assistance in contacting authors to gain their permission. We thank the 22 authors who have generously allowed us to reprint their articles. Finally, we would like to thank Bernie Glover, MA student at Concordia University and Administrative Assistant of Concordia’s Campus Ministry for his invaluable help in getting the publication ready for the LWS.

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