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Video by Jacquline Ferrier

Interviewed by Paul Allen, Christine Jamieson and Peter Monette

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The Fred Crowe Video Interview

Fred Crowe The LWS interviewed Fred Crowe on July 10, 1999 in Toronto.

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What is the genesis of Lonergan's functional specialties?

Development from four levels to eight. (785kb)
The influence of the european students. (452kb)

What are the key elements of interpreting Lonergan?

The dialectic between the particular and the grand theme. (763kb)
For example, Lonergan's love of music. (405kb)

Why is Lonergan's influence in the human sciences so small?

Lonergan was not working in the main groove. (640kb)
Lonergan's work is difficult. (544kb)
Lonergan did not have the advantage of a huge university. (856kb)

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